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You have questions and we have the answers!

Please review this FAQ page for quick answers to common questions you may have.

How long does a full face application take?

On average a Full Face application takes a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour & 15 minutes long. This time frame depends on what Full Face service my client requests.


How long will my makeup last?

All Makeup Applications will last a minimum of 10 hours to 16 hours with proper care. 


What size parties can you accommodate?

We can accommodate parties as large as 14 Full Face applications within an 8-hour time gap. 


How do I book you for a wedding? 

In order to secure your wedding date, a minimum deposit of $150 along with a signed contract is REQUIRED! 

To inquire about booking your wedding party, please email us.

Do you offer trial runs?

Yes, we offer Trial Runs/Consultations. However, a Consultation is its own individual service. 


Explain what’s included in a trial run?

A Trial Run/Consultation includes everything you will need for the actual service you are inquiring about. The prices vary depending on the service you are looking to consult. 


Do you travel? Do you charge a travel fee? 

We do offer travel services. Our prices vary depending on the location of travel. Our traveling fee is a minimum of $30 within the city of Saginaw. Any location outside of Saginaw will result in an additional fee. Prices may vary depending on traffic etc. 


Is your pricing negotiable? Are there any discounts? 

Our prices are non-negotiable & there aren’t any discounts.


How do you maintain product sanitation? 

After every Makeup Application, we sanitize all products that are used by using 70% Alcohol & Antibacterial Soap.


Do you provide airbrush applications?

We do not provide Airbrush applications at this time. This service will be available starting February 2022.


Is my deposit refundable or transferable? 

All deposits are final! There are NO refunds or transfers! 


Do you work alone, or do you have a team of artists

We have a Master Artist & Technician who usually work alone, however, we do have assistants who travel to assist large parties or events.


Is your makeup waterproof? 

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to make all Makeup applications waterproof. However, we do have a number of waterproof makeup products that we use on clients such as eyeliner, mascara, etc. 


Are you able to stay at an event for all night makeup touch-ups

We are able to stay at events upon our client's request to deliver services. However, we charge $35 per additional hour along with a signed contract for this service. 


I have sensitive skin, will the makeup break me out?

Upon all Makeup Applications, we ask all clients a number of questions regarding their skin sensitivities. We also have a number of products we use specifically for our sensitive skin clients. 


How long does Individual Lashes last?

Individual lashes can last up to 2 weeks with proper care.


Do you offer group rates? 

We do offer groups but only for Photo Shoots. A contract has to be signed for this as well.


How many months in advance do you need in order to book a wedding? 

In order to book a wedding without being charged the late booking fee, the wedding needs to be booked 2 months before the wedding date. However, we do have a late booking fee that has to be submitted with the non-refundable deposit & signed contract if you do not make the 2-month notice deadline. 


What is the late booking fee for big events? 

This fee varies depending on the number of Full Face applications. For smaller weddings, with 5 or fewer Makeup applications, the fee is $75. For large weddings with 5 or more Makeup applications, the fee is $150. 


* This fee is added to your total! 

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